Career Profile

Motivated computer science graduate from the University of California, Irvine with experience in software engineering both as intern and full-time.


Software Engineer

Oct 2020 - Present
Humana Inc./Tata Consultancy Services, Edison, NJ

Involved in the development of Python-based Web Services using REST for sending and getting data external interface in the JSON format and preform analysis using Django, PostgreSQL.

Managed continuous maintenance and troubleshooting of Python Django projects.

I also contributed to frontend development using React, JS and Angular.

In this role I worked on a banking web application development, which allow user to do transaction and maintain the user profile. We used MVC design pattern and backend was in JAVA and ASP.NET.

I also contributed to frontend development using HTML, CSS, JS and Angular, for database we use MySQL.

We used Azure cloud to provide service and that involves Azure CLI to operate cloud services.

Software Engineer Intern

Jun 2019 - Sep 2019
Levyx inc, Irvine, CA

In this role I was responsible for lead and development of Levyx’s version of python wrapper API for Pandas and Numpy using Levyx’s Heliumdb, which is useful for Levyx’s internal library to store more chunks of data in the disk instead of the memory.

Verified Levyx’s key-value storage library called Helium written in C/C++. Contributed small but key changes to improve the performance of read buffer to get results faster.

I was also responsible to automate downloading and installing of Helium and HeliumDB with dependency for this I used shall scripting.

Documented all the process and workflow to utilize and use Levyx and Levyx Services. Worked on stability and performance of HeliumDB with the help of OS concepts like thrashing, process, and threads for reliable loading. Caching tech also involved to get faster key-value read.

Documented all reports using graph and table, the report talks about the comparison of Helium’s product such as Heliumdb to python, PythonDB and SQL. Also compared the throughputs and other related information of handling multiple threads and processes.

Monitored Heliumdb, which is a Python wrapper, using different tools such as Linux commands.

Worked on to analyze the performance of cache, memory, and CPU using the Grafana application to better the performance.


Machine learning - Used K-means and agglomerative clustering concepts to cluster the given dataset with two features. Tried different “K” for the k means to get the best score to determine the cluster centers.Implementation was done using ML package where previously created clusters was used to reconstruct the images using the k principal directions, for different k values.
Fittener Store - Developed my own e-commerce store called "Fittener" which is backed by shopify and allows the users to register and shop online. Main technologies used for this project is Javascript, html, and css. Fittener Store
Operating Systems - Implemented OS Scheduling algorithms (FCFS, SJF, RR...) using JAVA and done verification as well.
Computer Vision Projects - Object Detection & Face Swap: Use of computer vision in python to detect the object based on gradient features and sliding window classification. This project required use of NumPy, SciPy, Pickle and plot lib.
Find Lyrics - Using Django framework, I used API in order to find the chosen lyrics capturing the artist name and song title. Lyrics Generator
Software Developer (Part-Time) MFKESSLER, Irvine, CA - In this role I have worked on design and implementation of database schema which involved E/R modeling to create Relational Databases, SQL commands, normalization of database to separate the entities such as Geotechnical engineers and Environmental engineers to ensure concurrency and consistency. MFKessler

Skills & Proficiency